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A unique and captivating environment at the gates of the Natural Park of Montserrat Mountain

Masia House

Farigola House

Romani House

Espigol House

Heuras Room

Bruc Room

Can ollé de la guàrdia

Can Ollé de la Guardia, XV century Countryhouse in the countryside, situated in the county of L'Anoia, bordering Bages, privileged access to the gates of the Natural Park of Montserrat Mountain environment.

The tranquility of this place surrounded by mountains, the view of the mountains of Montserrat and the natural environment this farmhouse transformed into a haven of peace. Peacocks, hens and several families of ducks walking in the garden or swimming in the pond.

On the green mantle of grass, every tree (almond, olive, cypress, pine and herbs such as rosemary, lavender and thyme), a balanced landscape that goes into the splendid natural setting are erected. The two pools are another incentive to live in the country; crystal clear water perfect for swimming. In the middle of the garden as part of the architectural ensemble, culminating in a chapel a small bell, dedicated to Sant Simeo, Stylites stands.

Can Ollé retained its architectural charm that through the years has gradually been restored, and in one of the annexes of the house has been made to create three apartments with all the amenities available today and environmentally Lodge.

The surroundings are ideal for walking, sunbathe and enjoy the calm and silence.

Accommodation At Can Ollé de la Guàrdia

The Masia House

Capability: 18 / 24 people

It is possible to rent the three houses at the time

Romani House

Capability: 4 / 5 people

Located on the first floor is accessed from a spiral staircase set in an old winery.

Farigola House

Capability: 4 people

Located on the ground floor, fully independent, decorated with high quality details.

Espigol House

Capability: 10 / 14 people

Ground floor, spacious entrance and a double room with two beds individuales.La first floor has a structure typical farmhouse

Lounge Rooms for events or celebrations

Bruc Room

40 people maximum

for events or celebrations

Heuras Room

from 100 to 120 people maximum

for events or celebrations that also includes The Bruc Room

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